State of the Blog Address

Today, I wanted to take a moment and announce some changes to the blog. As I alluded to in my previous post, the past week allowed me to reflect on the project thus far. I am proud of the work I produced, but I also understand my limits. I knew when I started this project, it would be an undertaking to read seven different categories (covering over fifty years) and to write about each of them. Not to mention, I still had to work and maintain a social life on top of the project.

All that said, two significant changes are coming to the project. First, I’m cutting one of the award categories, Best Related Work. If you remember, this category covers the non-fiction work of the Hugo Awards. The reason I no longer plan to cover them essentially is availability. In my research, I found many the winning titles, often encyclopedias, both outdated and overpriced. I still plan to pursue their acquisition, now as a resource for myself and the blog, but I won’t blog about them individually.

My second change is a shift in focus to just one category at a time. Again, you’ll remember my initial goal of covering an entire award year each month. While I managed last month, reading and blogging four different titles, it was not without sacrifice. One of my favorite things to do is read. While I enjoyed the titles last month when I had the time to read for pleasure I couldn’t. Keeping up with four works (and it would only increase in the coming months) became exhausting. Thus, the shift to a single category focus.

It will free me up to read the blog works at my pace and allow me to read other books outside of the project. I still plan to cover the (now) six categories I originally intended, but instead, I’ll follow one through to the present before returning for the next one. I went back and forth on which award to begin with, and in the end, I landed on the beginning. As an aspiring writer, I thought it best to study where all writers start, the short story. As I did last month, I’ll continue to highlight each work’s writer with a post (unless I posted about previously), and I have many other bonus posts planned. The blog will not be without content.

So I would like you to join me next as we look at the writer of our next short story, Isaac Asimov.

See you then!

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